Watch and Pray – Luke 21:36

Luke 21:36 says, 36 “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” NKJV

This is an exciting verse that comes at the close of Luke’s record of our Lord’s teachings on the End Times.

I believe this verse speaks of the Rapture and the opportunity we have to escape the Great Tribulation to come.

  1. We are admonished toWatch and Praythus we may conclude that we are to be alert and make preparation for His coming.

             TRUTH:  It is God’s will that I be prepared; that I make ready; that I watch and pray for His coming, whether or not His coming occurs in my lifetime.

2.  This verse teaches that some will escape the wrath that will befall the Earth!  Who will escape?  Answer:  Those who are “worthy” to escape according to this verse.  I believe that to be The Bride of Christ.  Not all believers are the           Bride.  The Bride is the one who is “not foolish”, who is single mindedly devoted to Christ and is making herself ready…(see Matt.25:1-13)   (From ancient Jewish wedding practices, we conclude that The Rapture is The Groom coming to take His Bride to the Father’s house for the wedding ceremony and wedding feast.)

3.  ”and to stand before the Son of Man…” The Bride will stand before the Groom in marriage…

There are 3 meanings in scripture for the phrase, “stand before”.  Actually there are two relevant possibilities because the third meaning is a negative, “cannot stand before” which indicates being unsuccessful in battle, definitely not indicated here.  Another meaning of “stand before” means  to be able to withstand judgment.  Thus some take this to mean to stand before the Lord in Judgment, ie The Judgment Seat of Christ.  According the other scriptures, Matt. 25:1-13 being primary, His coming for His Bride is a separate event and a picture of a Jewish wedding.  The Bridegroom comes for His Bride (who is making herself ready) at an hour that only the Father knows, and then He takes her to that special room he has prepared at the Father’s House for the wedding ceremony and feast.

(Judgment is Not a part of the marriage ceremony.  According to Matt. 25:14-30, The Judgment Seat of Christ will take place following Jesus’ Second Coming to Earth and will involve His settling of accounts with His servants and the setting up of His Messianic Kingdom wherein He will rule and reign for 1000 years upon the Earth.)  Rewards, the ability to “rule and reign with Him,” will be given at this time.

To stand before involves the intimacy of a Bride presenting herself to the Groom.  Thus, I believe this is a picture of the Bride escaping Great Tribulation as she accompanies her Groom to the Fathers’ house for a wedding feast.  She presents herself to Christ in white raiment, spotless and without blemish.  (stands before her King uncompromised with the world; chaste and pure).



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