Recently I was listening as a preacher talked about Satan. He was talking about Satan being the Ruler of the Darkness of this World – Eph 6:12.
Scripture describes Satan in many ways. He is ‘the prince of this world’, John 12:31; ‘the god of this world’, 2 Cor. 4:4; and ‘the power of darkness’, Col. 1:13. It caught my attention because it is so obvious that light and darkness cannot coexist. You see a popular bumper sticker that suggests all religions and philosophies should ‘coexist’; however, it is not possible for light and dark to coexist. Where ever or when ever light enters a room, darkness is dispelled. It’s always that way. Darkness cannot remain when light enters.
Granted, we are reflected light, but folks, this is something to shout about! If you are in Christ Jesus; If God, the Holy Spirit indwells you, you may only be a candle, but when you enter a dark room there is light; darkness is dispelled! Do you see it? Satan, himself, the Prince of this world, the power of darkness may be in that room but he cannot remain. HE CAN NOT REMAIN IN THE PRESENCE OF LIGHT!
It is said that Robert Louis Stevenson as a child was looking out the window into the dusk. He was watching the lamp-lighter go from pole to pole lighting the lanterns. His nurse asked what he was doing; he replied that he was watching the man, “punch holes in the darkness.”
That’s our calling as children of Light, ‘punching holes in the darkness.’

BIBLICAL DESCRIPTIONS OF SATAN: (by no means an exhaustive list)
Accuser of the Brethren – Rev 12:10
Adversary- 1 Peter 5:8
Angel of the Bottomless Pit – Rev. 9:11
Devil – Matt. 4:1
Enemy – Matt 13:39
Evil Spirit – 1 Sam. 16:14
Father of Lies – John 8:44
Great Red Dragon – Rev. 12:3
Lying Spirit – 1 Kings 22:22
Murderer – John 8:44
Old Serpent – Rev. 12:9
Power of Darkness – Col 1:13
Prince of this World – John 12:31
Prince of Devils – Matt 12:24
Prince of the Power of the Air – Eph 2:2
Ruler of the Darkness of this World – Eph 6:12
Satan – 1 Chr 21:1
Spirit that worketh in the Children of Disobedience – Eph. 2:2
Tempter – 2 Cor. 4:4
God of This World – 2 Cor. 4:4
Unclean Spirit – Matt 12:43
Wicked One – Matt 13:19, 38


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