My interest in Jesus’ return for His Bride has literally been lifelong. My earliest memories include as a five year old urging my mom to get ready because Jesus was coming to get us and carry us home. She said it was un-nerving…

I’m 63 now, and fully expect Christ to return for His Bride in my lifetime; in fact I expect it may be this year! Biblical prophecy has been neglected by most pastors, however, the closer we get, the clearer the Bible is. I have my own views of eschatology (End-Time studies) that differ from most anything you’ve encountered. My views rely heavily on those of Dr. Douglas Ezell, New Testament professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary who did his doctoral dissertation on Revelation. I no longer have the book, having long ago loaned it out never to see it again. My views differ slightly from those of Dr. Ezell but definitely grow from those presented in Revelations on Revelation: New Sounds from Old Symbols. Waco: Word Books. 1977. Douglas Ezell.

I pray that you’ll find the blogs contained herein, challenging and thought provoking, driving you to God’s Word for Truth. John 17:17, “Thy Word, O’ God is Truth” Sanctify us Father, by the Truth…

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